Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep the bed clean?

Take the Hound Sleeper outside and prop it upright against a wall. Using soapy water to which Savlon or Dettol has been added (to disinfect the bed) scrub the canvas and sides down with a shower brush. Then simply rinse off with clean water or hose off and leave to dry in the sun. This should be done at least once a week. If blankets are used on top of the bed then you will wash the blanket weekly and the bed maybe once a month.
My dog is smaller than those in
the picture, can they use the bed?

Smaller dogs can also benefit from using the Hound Sleeper. For the same reasons as bigger dogs, the bed is comfortable and more hygienic than a cushion based on the ground. In many instances, more than one small dog can use the same bed. 
What happens if my dog scratches the bed?

Consistently scratching the fabric with their sometimes sharp claws ought to be discouraged, as with all fabrics, this will damage the fabric over time. If your dog likes to nest (circle and scratch) using a fitted quilted cover protector will protect the cover.
How do I get my dog to use the bed?

Most dogs will not have a problem getting on the bed especially if you put their favourite blanket on the bed. The bed is also big enough for dogs to circle before lying down ensuring they are secure in their new sleeping arrangement.
The bed looks heavy; won't it be difficult to move it around?

The Hound Sleeper beds weigh between approximately 5kgs for the medium, 6kgs for the large size and 7.5kgs for the XLarge, making it possible to move around with ease.
My dog is big, won't the bed break?

The bed is structurally sound: its strong frame and durable double layer fabric can comfortably carry the weight of dogs in excess of 90 kilograms
Can a dog tilt the bed upwards when getting onto the bed?

No. The unique design of the bed with the legs extending beyond the sleeping surface prevents the bed tilting upwards when your dog puts a foot on it.
Will the bed slide around on a smooth surface?

Each metal leg of the bed has a rubber stopper fitted to it. This should prevent the bed from sliding on tiles or wooden floors. 
Will the bed be comfortable enough for my dog?

The Hound Sleeper is very comfortable on its own but owners can purchase a fitted blanket for extra comfort. 
How can I prevent my dog from destroying the cover

For dogs that like to chew - there is a product called ‘Bitter Solution’ by AVERT obtainable from your VET or VET Shop. Alternatively try a cake of Sunlight soap. Soften it and rub it around the frame. REMEMBER REPLACEMENT COVERS ARE AVAILABLE.
Can my injured dog use the Hound Sleeper

The bed is good for dogs recovering from operations. Certainly supported by many Veterinary Clinics for convalescent dogs. 
Which size should I buy for my dog?
Medium size

Any small dog up to the size of a STAFFIE will be suitable for the medium Hound Sleeper. Two JACK RUSSELL’S, PUGS, YORKIES etc will fit on one medium size together.
Large size

XLarge size

GREAT DANES, ST BERNARD’S, IRISH WOLFHOUNDS. Two large dogs can share one of these XLarge beds.
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