The Hound Sleeper has a strong metal, powder coated frame able to support large breed dogs. It is a hardy bed with strength and longevity
Green Canvas Hound Sleeper

The canvas cover is a double layer of 1000 density fabric securely stitched. The canvas will stretch over time depending on the weight of the dog. This is not a problem as the softer canvas forms a hammock and the dogs body then nests comfortably in the bed. 

The Hound Sleep is perfect for indoors on carpeted floors where it will catch the dirt shed from the dog's coat.

The Hound Sleeper can be used outdoors on covered patio areas. The canvas will fade and perish if left in the sun as it is NOT UV protect.

Black Patio Hound Sleeper

The cover is made from textilene fabric and is UV protected. The fabric has small holes which will allow any moisture or dirt on the dog to sift through onto the surface below the bed.

The Patio Hound Sleeper will be ideal for swimming dogs and incontinent dogs. It will be cooler in summer for the dogs as the air will circulate around and through the fabric.

FLEA FREE... there will be no place for fleas to hide and breed.

Replacement Covers 
Replacement covers can be purchased for all beds and sizes should your dog accidentally destroy the cover.

Covers are interchangeable between the two Hound Sleepers so for winter months you can use the canvas cover with your blankets and in summer you can change to the textilene cover which will be cooler for the dogs.

Spare parts, bolts, washers, rubber feet and straight poles are also available for purchasing.

Quilted Cover Protector

Replacing our fitted acrylic blankets we are excited to launch the new quilted cover protector. This cover protector is made from a brushed polyester fabric with a waterproof fabric backing, and Velcro straps to fit it to your Hound Sleeper bed. The covers are machine washable. These covers fit perfectly on top of your Hound Sleeper, creating more comfort for your dog. The quilted protector should protect your canvas or textilene cover from nesting dogs. Currently these are available in two colours. 1. Beige and Black 2. Light Grey and Black. 

Send A Gift

Perfect gift for a friend who has everything. We can send a gift card with your gift and message. Beds are flat packed for easy delivery/courier purposes.
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